• The magic transfer – EPA fortified eggs
    Post time: Apr-11-2016

    Nannochloropsis is known as a EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) source and could be used as feed additive. Here is an excellent example of the application of Nannochloropsis. AiYoWe EPA fortified eggs were developed by ENN Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. and were debuting in 2015. Poultry ...Leia mais »

  • Nannochloropsis powder – the golden product of Sino-Microalgae
    Post time: Apr-11-2016

    Nannochloropsis is a genus of alga comprising 6 known species. The genus in the current taxonomic classification was first termed by Hibberd. The species have mostly been known from the marine environment but also occur in fresh and brackish water. All of the species are small, nonmotile spheres ...Leia mais »

  • Sino-Microalgae will take all products in 2016 Shanghai CPHI exhibition
    tempo Post: Ago-10-2015

    On June 21-23 of 2016, the 16th Chemical Pharmaceutical Ingredient China will be opened in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Sino-Microalgae of ENN group will take full repertoire of products to participate in the exhibition. Sino Microalgae is a division of ENN group, which is one of the t...Leia mais »