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Lifestyle Extension helps make it effortless to pick out a fish oil complement with a proprietary EPA/DHA distillation process that yields a stable, effortlessly-tolerated fish oil so pure … pollutants are just about undetectable. In actuality, this fish oil exceeds even the significant purity standards established by an global ranking company.

But Lifestyle Extension failed to end there. For the reason that of the unstable character of omega-three fatty acids, we took an additional phase to ensure the purity and freshness of our fish oil by introducing sesame lignans to enable defend against lipid peroxidation … a chemical reaction that destroys omega-3s.

These exact lignans also immediate omega-three fatty acids to pathways which can enable relieve inflammatory reactions.

And to that Lifestyle Extension added the unsaturated fatty acids located in olive fruit extract. Olive fruit supplies the polyphenol hydroxytyrosol, a impressive antioxidant that delivers an extra layer of safety against lipid peroxidation and counters harmful absolutely free radicals.

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Post time: Dec-02-2016