The Algem Testers – University of Cambridge, Professor Chris Howe

Chris Howe, Professor of Plant and Microbial Biochemistry in the University of Cambridge and founder member of the Cambridge-dependent Algal Biotechnology Consortium, talks about the University of Cambridge’s Algem beta-screening knowledge with cyanobacteria.

One consequence was that scientists from Chris Howe’s lab observed the Algem in the methods and acknowledgements for their recent paper posted in the journal, Plant Physiology “Thylakoid terminal oxidases are important for the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 to survive fast transforming gentle intensities”: content/early/2013/03/05/pp.112.210260.entire.pdf+html

The Algem labscale photobioreactor works by using sophisticated lights, temperature, and mixing attributes to product environments and measure progress of algae and cyanobacteria. It can even product environments of pretty much any where in the globe and throughout any month.

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Post time: Nov-20-2016