Prefabricated fiberglass algae raceway ponds supply to algae farm.

Algaculture is a sort of aquaculture involving the farming of species of algae. 12′x110′ fiberglass algae raceway ponds.

Prefabricated algae raceway ponds supply to algae farm. MFG of personalized algae raceway ponds for significant scale open pond farming in any site. Develop from the laboratory to whole scale business farming for the creation of bio gasoline and nutraceuticals like Astaxanthin. Points to think about when setting up a new farm are:

•Location•Area layout•Pond design•Oblong raceways length 110′, width 12′
•Optimal sizing region
•Distal end, hydraulic radius•Ground infrastructure•Pond lining fiberglass
•Liquid flow•Paddle wheel•Outside walls channel dividers•Flow velocity•Site management, pH control•Carbonation•Mixing & Turbulence•Depth 8″•Head decline, hydraulics•Pond add-ons

Post time: Nov-16-2016