Part 2 Takstar SGC-598 vs Rode Videomic Pro by Chung Dha

For part 1 where I test both mics outdoors in a busy city:

Find Takstar SGC-598 here on Ebay:

After finally using both microphones for a while my verdict is both are great microphone, but the Takstar seem to pick up a tiny little bit more environment sound than the Rode but does not mean it is a bad microphone as for the price difference you can not expect them to be the same. But the slightly extra noise can easily be removed in post actually. However the Takstar will still be much better than using the onboard microphone of your camera as it is more directional and pick up less environment noise, but the Takstar does feel like a much better build and having the double A batteries its much nicer and easier to replace the battery while the Rode us a 9volt battery and you can’t use rechargeable ones as I tested that and they would add distortions in the sound. I have to say comparing the price wise, build quality and the battery the Takstar be number 1 but if you are nit picky about having the best sound then the Rode be best for you.

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Post time: Sep-14-2017