Overnight, lake in australia turn pink

Overnight, the color of the lake was pink, the truth that shocked the front …
There is no color of water but the color of the lake’s water becomes pink in one night. All are surprised how the miracle happened after all. The same lake was colorless a night before, and the night changed to pink in the night.

People have been advised that they do not go to the lake during this time. If its water enters your ears then it will feel irritation in the ears. And it also has a very bad effect on the eyelids. After the rains, this lake will become normal once again, but people are enjoying it with photos of this amazing sight

How did the pink color …

Actually this is a natural process. This happens when the temperature rises and there is no rain. This is a saltwater lake. In the summer season the number of algae found in salted water increases. They leave a red pigment, so that the color of the lake changes.

Post time: Sep-16-2017