NP-F970 Battery Grip for almost any camera! by Chung Dha

For the parts list please check this blog post:

I wanted to build something like this a while ago for my A7s or A6300, as allot of the solutions don’t make sense for the battery placement as they will imbalance the entire camera, like putting it on the side of the cage, on top of the hotshoe or even make a big shoulder rig for it. This setup that I have made is more balanced and enable it go be easy to use when filming handheld and you still get easy access to the bottom of the camera to open the battery door to switch SD cards, as it kind of like a battery grip placement under the camera.

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This design can be used for:
Sony A7s / A7 / A7sii / A7r / A7rii / A5100 / A6000 / A6300 / A6500
Panasonic G6 / G7 / G80 / G85 / GX7 / GX8 / GH2 / GH3 / GH4
Canon 5D / 6D / 7D / 70d / 60d / 80d / 550d /600d /650d / 700d /750d / EOSM /M3 /M10

Pretty much any cameras that you can get a DC Coupler for.

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Post time: Oct-16-2017