Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair

Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair
Some of the best foods you can add to your diet to keep your hair healthy and beautiful include citrus fruits, oysters, green leafy vegetables, certain kinds of nuts, salmon, lentils, yogurt, eggs, and many more.

Eggs: eggs contain an impressive amount of protein, which is a major component of human hair.eggs are also serious sources of sulfur, iron, selenium, and zinc. Iron increases circulation to the scalp and zinc strengthens the hair.
Oysters: oysters contain a big boost of zinc. Zinc is vital for avoiding hair loss and strengthening the hair .
Blueberries: blueberries are contain impressive level of antioxidants, which protect the scalp from free radicals, and the huge levels of vitamin C, which boost collagen production and stimulate the circulation of the scalp, these delicious little fruits should definitely be added to your healthy hair diet.
Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair
Lentils: lentils are one of the best dietary sources for protein, without a significant amount of protein in the diet, your hair won’t be growing quickly. Secondly, lentils are a major source of iron and vitamin C, which can increase your metabolism, circulation, and oxygenation of cells, which are essential for the health of your hair follicles
Salmon: Salmon and similar fish are the top sources for omega-3 fatty acids .which play a big part in hair health. Also, these oils keep your skin and hair properly hydrated, and are essential parts of cell membranes found on the scalp.
Walnuts: Walnuts are a surprising source of biotin, which is a water-soluble B-vitamin that is needed for scalp and hair health.
Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair
Green Leafy Vegetables: Adding spinach, kale, Swiss chard, and similar vegetables to your diet will give your body iron, folate, vitamin C, and beta carotene, a potent blend of hair health nutrients that will stimulate growth, promote hydration, increase circulation, and maintain color and shine.
Iodine-Rich Foods: Thinning hair, slow growth, discoloration, and dryness can all be signs of a hormonal issue. Iodine is the most important nutrient to regulate our thyroid gland, which controls many of our hormonal actions. so eating foods like sea vegetables (kelp, wakame) can significantly boost your iodine levels.
Yogurt: If you want to increase your vitamin B intake (particularly pantothenic acid, which is directly linked to hair health) then add some yogurt to your daily diet. Vitamin D is also found in yogurt, which improves hair follicle health.
Nuts: Various types of nuts are praised for their impact on hair, particularly those that contain copper, as that mineral helps to maintain hair color and shine.
Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair

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