Hawaiian Spirulina Cultivation – Cyanotech’s National Media Report | Nutrex Hawaii

http://www.nutrex-hawaii.com — Cyanotech was founded over 25 years ago on the barren coast of Kailua Kona Hawaii. No one thought anything could grow on the lava covered surface. The ideal weather, however, made it the perfect location to cultivate Spirulina. Hawaiian Spirulina has been continuously cultivated ever since, delivering superior nutrition naturally.

Hawaiian Spirulina health benefits include: improved cardiovascular health, boosts in energy, enhanced immunity, and a long list of other improved organ and bodily functions. High in antioxidants, and over 100 other nutrients, Hawaiian Spirulina is the perfect anti-aging and pro-health supplement to achieve a long, healthy life.

Find more information and Hawaiian Spirulina products here: http://www.nutrex-hawaii.com/hawaiian-spirulina-pacifica

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Post time: Oct-15-2016