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The “Guernsey” is a breed of cattle employed in dairy farming. It is orange/purple and white in colour, and is specifically renowned for the rich flavour of its milk, as very well as its hardiness and docile disposition.

The milk has a golden colour because of to a higher written content of beta carotene. Beta-carotene is a resource of Vitamin A, which has been touted to aid decrease the risks of specific cancers. The milk also has a higher butterfat written content of 5% and a higher protein written content of three.7%. Guernsey cows deliver about 6000 litres per cow per annum. In the US, Guernsey cows average sixteen,two hundred kilos of milk per calendar year with 4.5% excess fat and three.2% protein. Guernsey cattle are acknowledged to deliver the greatest proportion of A2 milk of all breeds of dairy cattle.

From the fifties to the early nineteen seventies, Golden Guernsey trademark milk was bought in the US and Canada as a quality item. The golden colour made by beta carotene bound to the excess fat in the milk was the key marketing stage and the resource of the brand name name. Only milk from Guernsey cows could be promoted below the Golden Guernsey trademark. The arrival of homogenisation and a variety of changes to the way milk was priced and promoted spelled the stop of Golden Guernsey branded milk.

As its name implies, the Guernsey was bred on the British Channel Island of Guernsey. It is considered to be descended from two breeds introduced above from close by France, Isigny cattle from Normandy and the Froment du Léon from Brittany. The Guernsey was initially recorded as a individual breed about 1700. In 1789, imports of international cattle into Guernsey have been forbidden by regulation to sustain the purity of the breed while some cattle evacuated from Alderney throughout Earth War II have been merged into the breed.

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