#FOTD182 Too Much Oxygen Can Kill You

Too Much Oxygen Can Kill You

Today’s earth’s atmosphere is 20% oxygen but everything needs oxygen to survive
Oxygen has only been around for about 2.2 billion years
Only last 600 million years has there been enough to allow organisms to survive
So before that, our ancestors didn’t need it.
Early forms of life did not use oxygen at all. Early bacteria were anaerobic making their food without oxygen.
Then cyanobacteria used sunlight and produced oxygen as a waste product because it is such a reactive molecule it basically poisoned huge amounts of life until some cells could use the oxygen to then release energy and that’s where our cellular ancestors come into their own

Breathing for a year is the same as having 10,000 chest x rays, oxygen is the reason we are alive but also the reason we die.
Oxygen toxicity is due to the harmful effects of breathing oxygen at increased partial pressures – hyperoxia
Dangerous for underwater divers and premature babies that have high concentrations of supplemental oxygen

Oxidative stress
Oxygen can become a free radical because it does not bond properly and in this state, it will bond with anything it comes into contact with including the DNA in your cells causing mutations which can lead to … cancer.
Free radicals can change the shape of proteins in red blood cells and then the RBC are destroyed by the immune system  
Our immune system cells can use free radicals to kill pathogens so it’s not all bad. Our bodies also can use them to send signals between cells.

What do we use to fight them
Found in lots of food. Vitamin E, C and beta carotene they sacrifice themselves so that your cells don’t get damaged by them.  

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Post time: Aug-23-2017