Find Asta-X-Krill™ Webinar (Component 6 of 7)

Find Asta-X-Krill™ Webinar
Presented by Dr. Wael Massrieh, Ph.D. from Neptune Systems & Bioresources and Dr. Marco Narducci, Ph.D. from Fuji Overall health Sciences in Japan

Merchandise Description asta-x-krill, krill, asta krill, astaxanthin

Asta-X-Krill™ is superior to other krill and fish oils. It outshines fish oils and statins in reducing cholesterol and LDL, and boosting HDL. It is distinctive Omega-three phospholipids provide powerful cell absorption. It is a superior cardiovascular anti-inflammatory and antioxidant – gets benefits! Asta-X-Krill™’s boosted astaxanthin delivers elite muscle stamina and strong antioxidant safety.

Indications :

* Arthritis

* Cholesterol

* ADHD (Adult)

* Dyspepsia

* Eye fatigue

* Pores and skin problems

* PMS signs and symptoms

* Persistent swelling

* Increasing lipid metabolic rate

* Cardiovascular problems

* Muscle stamina and recovery

* Hypertension and poor circulation

* Variety II diabetic issues

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Post time: Oct-19-2016