Fake a Drone Shot with a Phone Tutorial by Chung Dha

In this video tutorial I am showing you a setup to get a really nice drone / jib / crane shot with your phone or iPhone, for filming at no fly zones events and locations, so you still can get those really nice high angle shots without breaking any rules. The only annoyance is people shouting: “that is a big selfie stick”.

This is not a promotional video as I have purchased all the items used in this video.

Miliboo 5m / 16ft Carbon Fiber 5-section Boom Pole


Zhiyun Smooth III


Samsung Galaxy S8


BTS camera Panasonic G7 filmed by Aliosman Safak


Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro only – http://goo.gl/k2EagF

Transition effects used
Pincushion Roll – https://youtu.be/HtI9jhDGbtQ
Seamless Bounce – https://youtu.be/-hB35kKZycg
Diagonal Split – https://youtu.be/9OetSA-E7CY
Seamless Transitions – https://youtu.be/YC9m6116t40
Cross Spin – https://youtu.be/7lD3HuzsPL0
Youtube Outro – https://youtu.be/EM8rcyGODhY

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Post time: Oct-15-2017