EPA CFC 608 Certification Test HVAC Examine Guide – Intro – Heat Transfer, Graphing Enthalpy

Start Below! If you are new to HVAC then this is the initially online video to enjoy. Mr. Stringham points out warmth transfer, entholpy, latent, smart and certain warmth aspects. How HVAC products is sized. Pressure and boiling details and how to study a tension/temperature charts. To understand the P/T Chart, Temperature glide and how the refrigeration cycle operates then you need to know the information and facts in this online video. This is to aid college student with the simple know-how to understand the information and facts in the Introduction and Main sections of the EPA Area 608 Refrigerant Dealing with Exam. When total with this online video then transfer on to the “Refrigeration Cycle” online video. Then Main, Sort 1, Sort 2, Sort 3, furthermore the more lab video clips showing several restoration techniques, pressurizing with nitrogen, leak checks, refrigeration dangers, restoration cylinders and so on.

Post time: Oct-01-2016