Dr G. HOTOS Lab, GREECE. Protozoa-Ciliates. Multiplication by “double” budding

An incredible multiplication of a ciliate (almost certainly of the genus Holophrya) was recorded (for the 1st time as significantly as I know) during its budding, creating two new individuals of unequal sizing. Budding (as outlined in the literature) is not frequent in the maritime atmosphere. This species (unidentified nevertheless) was isolated from hypersaline waters (salinity larger than sixty ppt) of the Messolonghi salt pan lake. The multiple budding course of action justifies a lot more investigation.

Dr. George Hotos. Plankton Society Laboratory
Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture Technological know-how
Technological Instructional Institute (T.E.I.) of W. Greece
30200 Messolonghi, Greece

Post time: Nov-17-2016