Dr G. Hotos Lab, Greece-Protozoa-Ciliates-Euplotes “consuming” ciliates

Euplotes sp from a sample of drinking water of superior salinity (eighty ppt) was captured filtering a wide range of microalgal cells and three ciliates of the genus Cyclidium. Astonishingly the Euplotes (cf ~50-70μm) can ingest yet another ciliate (~twenty-25 μm). There can also be observed expelling yet another ciliate and two large algae cells. Also a log-like algae can be observed captured and rotated (not ingested).
A great deal of unidentified species of protozoa (primarily ciliates), rotifers and microalgae have been collected from the severe natural environment (in conditions of salinity) of the salt pans situated in the Messolonghi lagoon intricate (W. Greece).

Dr Georgios N. Hotos, professor, ghotos@teimes.gr
Plankton Culture laboratory
Dept of Fisheries & Aquaculture Technology
Technological Academic Institute (T.E.I.) of W. Greece

Post time: Oct-10-2016