Dr G. HOTOS Lab, GREECE-Hypersalinity-Microalgae-Asteromonas-Tetraselmis-Dunaliella

In the intense natural environment of the saltworks pans in Messolonghi Greece, three species of halotolerant microalgae ended up isolated and cultured in the laboratory. Asteromonas gracilis, Tetraselmis marina and Dunaliella salina. Dunaliella in certain paints the drinking water pink-red as it grows in monoculture with cells total of beta-carotene a substance protector from UV radiation. Dunaliella was cultured in 26% salt drinking water whilst Asteromonas and Tetraselmis in thirteen%. Asteromonas can also cope in bigger salinities related to those of Dunaliella. All three specimens are excellent performing equipment for instruction, analysis and of industrial curiosity.
Magnification a thousand X.
Typical sizing of just about every species cells in diameter in common or together the long mobile axis. Asteromonas: twenty-25 μm. Tetraselmis: twenty-thirty μm. Dunaliella: 15 – 22 μm.

Dr. George N. Hotos. Plankton Society Laboratory. Division of Fisheries and Aquaculture Engineering. Technological Academic Institute (T.E.I.) of W. Greece, Patras-Messolonghi.

Post time: Jan-02-2017