Dr G. Hotos Lab-Greece-Asteromonas gracilis, phytoplankton

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Listed here it is a one mobile of the microalgae Asteromonas gracilis. It is a halotolerant species abounding salt pans. It is alternatively significant (15-twenty μm) with no mobile wall and has two flagella. It appears like a slow moving mobile trembling and rotating presenting incredibly many designs (starlike, elongated, spherical). In this online video the salinity is extremely large (a hundred and eighty ppt). We have utilised this species as food items for the society of the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis for more than twenty years. It was first isolated from the Messolonghi’s salt pans (W. Greece) and retained since 1992 in the Plankton Culture Laboratory of the Office of Fisheries and Aquaculture Technological know-how of the Technological Instructional Establishment (T.E.I.) of Western Greece, Messolonghi.
Dr. George Hotos, professor.

Post time: Oct-03-2016