Cultivate microalgae (can feed fish fry or artemia )
The container aerate at the lowest point of the dome bottom, decrease algae sediment which will turn sour.Thus can facilitate microalgae propagation and prolong algae population period.

Cultivation of Tetraselmis chui: Place the container near the window, strongly aerate, add a little of Tetraselmis chui .
 Cultivation conditions:
1. Temperature 15-30 ℃
2. Salinity thousandths 10-40
3. The algae do not need too much illumination.
4. Population growth cycle :about 8 days
Fertilizer formulations as follows:
       ( Ammonium sulfate 15 g)
        (Urea 15 g)
      (Distilled water 1 liter)
When add one liter of pure sea water into algae cultivation container, add 2 cc of the above fertilizer solution,
For avoiding zooplankton and large algae contamination, the cultivation container should cover the lid.

Post time: Sep-19-2017