Chlorella – Spirulina: The Ultimate Survival Emergency Meals

Awareness is rising how vital it is to be prepared in Survival_Packagethe function of an emergency. Becoming well prepared for any contingency – which includes that of an emergency or survival predicament – is anything we really should all plan for whether it is due to a purely natural or male-built catastrophe. Other than water, the most vital point necessary in an emergency or survival predicament is protected, uncontaminated, dehydrated food items that are precisely made for prolonged phrase storage.

Spirulina_survivalPackChlorella and Spirulina and the greatest prolonged phrase storage food items considering that they can past up to 10 years unopened. They are the most nutritionally dense food items recognised. Chlorella and Spirulina are comprehensive food items with protein, fat and carbs that a individual can are living on indefinitely and know that you are acquiring adequate vitamins to preserve your self balanced. No other food items can preserve you alive and balanced like Spirulina and Chlorella, the two most potent food items recognised. When it will come to prolonged phrase preparing with prolonged-phrase food items practically nothing will come close to the defense and peace of head they provide.

Chlorella and Spirulina are also fantastic for backpacking, tenting, and mountain climbing.

90 and a hundred and eighty day supplies can be purchased in 250 gram packets. A year’s offer of Chlorella and Spirulina is marketed in 10 kg (22 lb) luggage that get there in tins. At 25 grams – one hundred tablets – per day, this would feed you for a yr.

Post time: Oct-25-2016