Barnacle Culture

A short video on mass culture of barnacles, Amphibalanus (=Balanus) amphitrite by Anna Kellner as a volunteer internship project. This video covers all the basics for how we culture barnacles at Duke Marine Laboratory. The major secrets to our success are water quality, dense consistently high energy food for the larvae and maintenance and feeding of adults.
We age our estuarine sea water as if it were a fine wine enabling resident bacteria to act as biofilters to remove excess nutrients and toxic compounds like metals. We raise the diatoms for food in batch cultures, with reduced light because we find that the cells are packed with energy and excellent food for larvae. We feed adults 1 day old brine shrimp and excess diatoms. Conditions for diatom culture are critical.

For algal culture-Guillard f/2 medium without tris Tris kills barnacle larvae)!
Mature cultures approximately 2 x 106 cells ml-1.
Skeletonema costatum (Brown) UTEXID LB2308 upper shelf, static tubes and flasks LI: 1.260 x 1015 quanta sec-1 cm-2 Large aerated cultures LI: 1. 253 x 1015 quanta sec-1 cm- 2
Dunaliella tertiolecta (Green) UTEXID LB999 LI: 2.6 x x 1015 quanta sec-1 cm-2 all cultures.
Light levels, graciously provided by Richard Forward jr.

Post time: Sep-21-2017