Astaxanthin: Top 10 Most Powerful Nutrients

Powerful Antioxidant
Helps Retain Moisture for Healthier Skin
Maintain Muscle and Bones
Joint Support
Encourages Fertility
Brain Health: Crosses the “Blood Brain Barrier”
Eye Health: Crosses the “Blood Retina Barrier”

Astaxanthin derives from Heamatacoccus green algae, which is produced in order to protect itself with ASTAXANTHIN where it gathers or “hyper-accumulates” on the algae and then can then be harvested.

Inflammation is a result of and, more precisely, the reaction to disease. It’s the body reacting to disease that is inflicting it due to the substances that do not belong in it. Tastaxanthin_powderhere are two types of inflammation – regular and silent.

ASTAXANTHIN is a nutriceutical that helps bring down inflammation so that the body is put into a position where it can heal itself.
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