Amazing Oddly Colored Bodies Of Water

All in all, a view of any lake, river, or ocean in this world is most certainly a special sight to see. It’s really quite amazing to think of that seventy one percent of Earth is comprised of water, with ninety six percent of that being ocean water. But some geographic locations bring on the most surprising and beautiful of sights. Here are Ten AMAZING Oddly Colored Bodies of Water!

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4.Fernando de Noronha
While it’s water is still blue and therefore sort of “normal” per say, Fernando de Noronha might just be the most amazing beach we have ever seen. But the best part is, the Fernando de Noronha is not just one solitary beach. An archipelago is a group of islands, and this one graces the coast of Brazil. And what is even cooler is that these islands are tips of a submarine volcanic formation. Can you imagine swimming in waters this blue around an awesome volcano? Unfortunately, you can’t stay for too long. At least not for now. The sight has been named into the famous UNESCO World Heritage organization, and it’s also an incredibly well-preserved National Marine Park. However, there are about five thousand inhabitants on the main island.The others are required to have a “specialized authorization” from the “environmental authority”. Visitors of the island have to pay a special environmental tax to extend their stay time, but we’d say it’s well worth it. It’s hard to imagine that this wonderland used to once be an American military base and also a prison. If this is what prison is like, sign us up!

3.Emerald Lakes
The Emerald Lakes located in Yoho National Columbia are quite aweinspring to look at, to say the very least. They get their vibrant hues from the unique flora that live and flourish inside of them. The lakes are delicately enclosed by the President Range of mountains as well as mountains like Mount Burgess and Wapta Mountain.The entrapment of the lakes causes extreme moisture and precipitation patterns there all year round. The massive moisture paired with the low elevation of the lakes are what cause it to house such special, color- creating flora. Sometimes , the lakes appear to be more turquoise in color. This is due to powdered limestone. The area is ripe for tourist expeditions, and the Emerald Lake Lodge is open all year round. The lodge still has it’s original architecture of amazing oak floors and large fireplace. Definitely a must see if you’re in B-C.

2. Lake Hillier
In pictures and from above, Lake Hillier looks like a mystical mystery. It’s located within the Recherche Archipelago off the coast of Western Australia, and sources say it’s pretty difficult to get to. It looks like a villain’s lake from a mythical story book tale. In reality, no one truly knows why the lake is as hot pink as it is. Especially because it appears to be just a short walk away from a beach containing gorgeous blue ocean water. Some theories say it’s color is caused by a microorganism, called the Dunaliella salina that inhabits the lake. Other suggest more testy conditions, like the fact that the pink shading comes from a halophilic bacteria that lives inside the salt crusts of the lake. Luckily, there have been no reports that the lake water causes any type of harm in humans. For those who are dying to see the lake, but are a little too apprehensive to dive in, boat tours are offered.

1.Laguna Colorada, Bolivia
Due to it’s bright pinky- red hue and the breathtaking Andes Mountain Range landscape that it sits upon, the Laguna Colorada has been labeled as “One of The Places To See In Your Lifetime”. If you travel down the the border of Chile and Bolivia to catch of glimpse of this lake, it will be well worth it. The reddish color of the water comes from the sediment and flora that sit on the bottom of the lake’s shallow bottom. The area is protected within the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, and rightfully so. If you stay for a while, you may be able to spot a James’ , Chilean, or Andean flamingo, all of which are the rarest species of flamingo on the planet. Luckily, there are many ways to access the famous Laguna Colorada. You and your best explorer buddies can spend the night in a nearby village, or catch a picture of it on an Andes Tour. We are definitely Bolivia bound after this one.

Post time: Oct-04-2017