Algae Centrifuge – Harvest Algae

Algae Centrifuge for harvesting algae from h2o.

These benchtop centrifuge have tested productive for universities, labs and substantial algae investigation corporations wishing to concentrate an algae alternative.

The algae centrifuge was originally developed to thoroughly clean particles from oil, and has been adopted by the Algae group as a way to harvest or filter algae from h2o.

The bowl holds 22oz of algae paste most, and the extra h2o is ejected out the aspect port.

Centrifuge Technical specs:


Up to 95 liters for each hour(95l/hr), or twenty five us gallons/hr.

200-300W Energy useage

Beneficial links:

Standard Algae Centrifuge

Severe Algae Centrifuge

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Post time: Dec-29-2016