20 Questions with FullyRaw Kristina!

20 Frequently Asked Questions with FullyRaw Kristina! The Top most Popular FAQ’s that I am asked, and my responses to them! DAY 9 of the 14-Day FullyRaw Bikini Body Challenge meal plan and exercise guide here: http://www.fullyraw.com/challenge_day/day-9/.

Today’s video here: http://youtu.be/gqhQNmgeUYo

If you click the time below, it will take you to each question:
❤Where do I (raw vegans) get their protein? 2:56
❤What are 3 easy exercises that you recommend? 1:45
❤What are the best natural cures for fatigue and dizziness? 3:28
❤Do smoothies go bad if we make smoothies the night before? How can we keep them from going bad overnight? 4:22
❤If I can’t eat all of the recommended amounts or if I switch up my meals, will the program still work for me? 5:31
❤Can we mix sweet fruits with acid fruits? What about proper food combining? 6:52
❤I’m going to the bathroom a LOT, what can I do to help with this process? 7:56
❤Do you get tired from chewing, and how can you eat such large amounts? 8:45
❤What is your opinion on juice fasting, and have you ever done it? When is it appropriate to juice vs. eat? 10:26
❤Can I do this challenge while breast feeding? What about detox symptoms, and will it be safe for my baby? 11:25
❤Do you take supplements? What about B12 and Vitamin D? How do you deal with the emotional side of eating FullyRaw? 12:25
–B12 Video: 13:08
–The Truth about Eating FullyRaw Video: 13:40
❤What are the best containers to keep the best fresh made juices and smoothies, etc.? 14:00
❤If someone is not as active as you, do they still need to eat as much as you in a day? 14:29
❤If you are stressed out, will you see results from going FullyRaw? 16:12
–Interview with my mother and anxiety medications: 16:41
❤Do you use self tanners? Is the Beta Carotene from the carrots turning your skin orange? 17:45
❤Why does it hurt when I mono-meal? 19:11
❤Do you feel that nuts and seeds are part of an 80/10/10 diet? 20:10
❤When you use your juicer to make juice, what do you do with the pulp? 21:13
–Carrot Cake: 21:41
❤Can you drink Kombucha or eat fermented foods? What about raw sugar when you are on a raw diet? 21:45
–Natural sugars vs. processed sugars: COMING SOON!
❤Am I pregnant? 24:00
❤Do I have breast implants? 24:00

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Post time: Aug-29-2017